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Based on Teesside, our professional engineers offer a fully mobile service covering the North East. We carry out a full hydrogen engine clean on all petrol or diesel vehicles (up to 7.8 litres) at a time and location to suit you. – nothing else ! – That’s it !

With the engine at the normal operating temperature, we place the gun from our machine to your engine’s air filter box or  intake, and with the engine running at optimum temperature, we regulate the hydrogen flow into your engine. This starts the process with hydrogen being very flammable – the process is called pyrolysis, a thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures.

The addition of hydrogen raises the combustion temperature within the engine enabling a chemical reaction that burns off and disintegrates the carbon deposits. What is left of the carbon is in a gaseous form and it exits safely through the exhaust in a clear non-pollutant gas. The entire process  takes less than 60 minutes from start to finish, quickly & safely removing the carbon build-up deposits in the whole engine system.

We do not offer diagnostic checks (to try and obtain repair work?) or use any noxious chemicals in our hydrogen engine clean (rather defeats the object, don’t you think?)  

With today’s modern driving style with constant low revs, short and stop/start journeys, long periods of idling, low mileage, poor quality fuel and if your vehicle’s engine doesn’t regularly get worked hard and hot, it will most likely have more carbon build-up. Taxis and buses are usually the worst as they are regularly sat idling during short stop-start journeys at low MPH/revs.

If ANY aspect of your cars performance (noise, roughness, idling, hunting, MPG lower, emissions, flat spots, throttle response, sticking EGR/throttle body/swirl flaps) are affected from carbon build-up, then our hydrogen engine clean will have a positive effect on your vehicle’s engine. If your vehicle is suffering reduced MPG and if the cause is carbon build up, then yes, a hydrogen engine clean will recover/reclaim that lost MPG.

A pure hydrogen engine clean simply, and more importantly ecologically, changes the carbon into a hydrocarbon which quickly exits the engine naturally through the exhaust system, causing the smaller deposits of carbon to immediately exit whilst the built-up carbon deposits are fractured, in turn causing them to break down during the subsequent engine cycles and load rate within the hours of use. Put quite simply, It  cleans the piston crowns, valves, frees up turbo vanes, maintains EGR valves, etc …

So what can a hydrogen carbon clean do?

Well it’s not magic – if the engine is dirty it will clean it, if it’s not dirty it won’t – however, what it will  do if your engine is clean, is prevent carbon build-up so your engine remains clean (look at it like preventative maintenance, i.e. you’re stopping issues before they can start). Of course, If any mechanical aspect has seized/blocked completely or broken then no amount of hydrogen carbon cleaning will sort it. Put quite simply, a hydrogen engine clean can restore your vehicle’s engine close to ‘as new’ spec.

Our hydrogen engine clean is based on innovative engineering expertise in the use of hydrogen as a renewable and environmentally friendly solution for reducing vehicle and plant emissions to assist in meeting global green energy requirements.

So how does it work?

Our hydrogen engine clean system works by allowing hydrogen at 1 – 1.5bar to pass through the air intake of an engine and out through the exhaust system as a gas, helping to remove the excess carbon that leads to poor running issues.

It’s a simple and safe process and requires no dismantling of engine parts or the use of harmful chemical products.

An increased burn temperature permits a cleaner burn, which in turn causes a catalyst to break down the deposits of carbon that surround the intake system, valves, air pipework, turbo system and exhaust system. This catalyst changes the carbon into a hydrocarbon which exits the engine through the exhaust system causing the smaller deposits of carbon to quickly exit the system whilst the built-up carbon deposits are fractured and broken which in turn causes them to break down during the following engine cycles and load rates within the following hours of use. We recommend using the hydrogen engine clean service as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule.

In short, the main benefits of cleaning an engine with a hydrogen engine clean are:-

Improved MPG – a cleaner engine runs more efficiently which in turn saves wasted fuel as more of the fuel is converted into energy by way of higher combustion rates.

Reduced Emissions – a cleaner engine, together with clean components make for cleaner combustion which in turn keep emissions low.

Smoother Drive – a cleaner engine runs smoother and this down to many reasons and factors which vary from a more efficient combustion right through to quieter engine tone.

Increased Engine Life – a cleaner engine provides less stress to the combustion cycle and components. An engine valve for example is designed to sit inside the valve seat perfectly and so a build-up of carbon on one side of the valve will cause the valve to sit off-centre which can cause damage to the running gear of the engine. Likewise
components like the EGR, Turbo Charger and intake tract also clog with carbon which can cause them to incur damage prematurely.

Improved Engine Performance – a cleaner engine will give more performance. Any blockages limit the functionality of the engine or in extreme cases limit the amount of air into the engine, which in turn throws out the air/fuel mixture. Although by only very tiny amounts, it is still a negative and will lower the efficiency of the engine which increases the consumption of petrol or diesel.

Quieter Engine Running – an engine blocked with carbon deposits can be noisy; this is down to the seating of engine components meeting together. When components sit together the sound is far quieter than when they sit slightly “off”.

The effect of hydrogen engine cleaning on your engine is solely dependent on how “dirty” your engine is. On the other hand, IF any mechanical aspects have seized/blocked completely or are broken then no amount of carbon cleaning will sort it. Hydrogen Engine Cleaning can’t fix things that are fully blocked or broken. These items need to be replaced, stripped, cleaned and/or fixed.

All a hydrogen engine clean can do is exactly that – Clean !!. It’s not magic – If the engine is dirty due to carbon build-up then a hydrogen engine clean will certainly help. If it’s not dirty it won’t – Simples!!
What a hydrogen engine clean will help with if your engine is clean, is prevent carbon build up so your engine remains clean (look at it like preventative maintenance – you’re stopping issues before they can start)

Our hydrogen engine clean can be used on all Petrol and Diesel engines up to 7.8litres capacity for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Boats, Buses, Farm Vehicles Earthmoving vehicles, Static generators, etc … with no dismantling of the engine

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All Petrol/Diesel engines (incl Rotary and V configuration):-

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1.5 to 2.0 litre     £69.99

2.0 to 2.5 litre     £79.99

over 2.5 litre        £89.99

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