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Who we are:

We are a (very) small family-owned and family-run business from Teesside, and we are a fully mobile service, enabling us to keep our costs and overheads down,  savings being passed on to every Customer. We have years of experience and skills primarily in Engineering, Gas & Oil exploration Companies and also with the Ministry Of Defence.  In addition we have further experience in Quality management systems plus in sales and customer service. This new venture is in an area that utilises our full range of skills and knowledge and is in addition to our current online and other offline business interests over in Cumbria.

Looking at the way the Government is going with their approach to personal (and public) vehicles under the premise of becoming ‘Greener’ and their concern about air quality in major cities by trying to reduce vehicle emission levels, we looked at how this approach will affect ‘normal’ people’s vehicles and what can be done to try to help the majority of everyday people who cannot afford to be buy ‘new’, expensive hybrid or fully electric vehicles with their inbuilt limitations. Initially we looked at how to help ourselves in ensuring that our vehicles can meet the ever-growing reduction in permitted exhaust emissions – tighter emissions are coming in on the new MOT test in May 2018, especially for diesel engines – plus we also wanted to try to save a few quid on the ever-increasing price of fuel into the bargain, as fuel (petrol or diesel) is at an all-time high ( Petrol approaching £6.00 per gallon !! – over £6.00 per gallon of diesel at some garages) and looks like it will remain high or even go higher in the near future.

So, looking around at what is available with current technology, we discovered a UK manufacturer of equipment that can have a real positive effect on today’s vehicle engines with reference to their efficiency and reduction in exhaust emissions. Some of us are old enough to remember going to the local motor factors for a Decoke gasket set for Minis or Mk1 Escorts, whipping the cylinder head off, grinding the valves in and scraping all the carbon off, boxing it all up and having a better performing engine – so our hydrogen engine clean is just a modern take on this activity without the dismantling of engine parts. In addition, we recently saw a TV programme where they were restoring an older car and couldn’t get the emissions down to an acceptable limit – they used similar technology to a hydrogen engine clean, albeit utilising some quite noxious chemicals, hardly an ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘Green’ way to achieve the desired result.

If your vehicle is suffering from:-

  • reduced MPG
  • problems with MOT on emissions & smoke
  • Smoking from the Exhaust
  • loss of power
  • running lumpy & rough

Our hydrogen engine clean can be used on all Petrol and Diesel engines up to 7.8litres capacity for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Boats, Buses, Farm Vehicles Earthmoving vehicles, Static generators, etc … with no dismantling of the engine

For a truly  mobile service at a time and location to suit you,

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All Petrol/Diesel engines (incl Rotary and V configuration):-

up to 1litre       £49.99

1 to 1.5 litre      £59.99

1.5 to 2.0 litre   £69.99

2.0 to 2.5 litre   £79.99

over 2.5 litre    £89.99

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